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the light within

The tragedy at the opening of “The Dark Knight Rises” will no doubt bring about a large amount of discussion. 

"We should ban Guns"

"Give us our freedom more guns for all"

"boycot movies till they are safer"

and many others…

Listen. Lets find out why this happened. Then lets take the time and the effort to prevent this from ever happening again.

We could take away guns, and be happy. Then when something like this happens we can say they were criminals and if we caught them beforehand we all would be safe. But it would just happen again, and we would be confused why it didn’t work.

Taking away guns or doing anything rash is not going to solve any problems. I want to go the long haul. I want to work every step of the way to prevent this from happening.

Based on what I know at the moment of writing this. I want someone to be in the schools helping out. Just like some of us did when we were in Chicago. Get some church youth programs started to help kids socialize.

Lets get some High School programs started, where was Campus Ministry for that guy? did no one help him out? Did anyone reach out to him? I really wish I could have done something. I hope that any college students that read this take a good step to help those loners not feel so lonely. 

God Bless.

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